What should I expect from an Access Audit?

The nature of the audit will depend on how the Equality Act applies to you. However our Audit will generally cover all elements of your building and environment as viewed by a disabled person.

Typical Assessment criteria will encompass:

Approach (on foot / public transport / car)

Car Parking


Reception and circulating areas

Means of escape for disabled people

Acoustic Environment

Ramps, lifts and stairs

Internal doors, glazing and corridors




After Completion.

After completion of the Audit, your report is presented in a clear, jargon – free, user friendly format using photographs and copies of the relevant ‘best practice’ guidance to illustrate each issue.

Your report will detail current non-compliance and provide a course of action to be implemented as a future plan, with recommendations for ‘reasonable adjustments’ with priorities and outline costings.

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