Disability Access Audit

An Access Audit helps you to understand your obligations under the Equality Act. It identifies issues with access, sets out options for removing these barriers, assesses which option is the most reasonable and then makes a clear recommendation as to which option to implement, when to do it and an indication of costs.

By having an Access Audit and then implementing it’s recommendations you will be improving access for disabled people, other members of the public, and possibly your employees. In the unlikely event of you having to defend a complaint or action brought against you by a disabled person, you will be able to demonstrate that you have taken steps to make ‘reasonable adjustments’

N.B. There is no enforcing authority for access issues. Only an individual disabled person can bring a complaint against an organisation where they feel that they are being discriminated against. Ultimately this could result in a civil action against your organisation.

When a new build or extensive alterations are being planned, local Planning Authorities will expect access issues to be incorporated into the plans.

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